House is a dynamic and positive dance style. It was born when the house music appeared – in the 80s of the twentieth century, in the Chicago night club “The Warehouse”. House music is very fast, rhythmic, energetic, and the same is the dance style called House. This style is composed of the dance movements from Break Dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Disco, Latina, which makes it one of the most interesting and popular dance styles.

Today there is many components in House dance: jacking (working with the body), footwork, stomping (jumping elements), lofting (working in the ground), as well as stocking – a game with a partner. But the basis of the dance is precisely the individual perception of music by the dancer, his feelings and emotions – it is no coincidence that the style did not have the original name and was simply designated as freestyle dancing.

One of the best New York dancers Ejoe Willson believes that “House is different from Hip-Hop, because when you dance House, you submit your body to the music itself, not to the music beat, like in Hip-Hop.”