Hip-Hop culture has been internationally recognized since the 70s of the last century. Despite the fact that Hip-Hop as a way of life was born long ago in various parts of North America, the South Bronx is considered the true homeland – the black ghetto of New York, one of the poorest neighborhoods. But the word “Hip-Hop” was not there then, it was invented a few years later by the legendary DJ Africa Bambaataa, when the matured culture already needed a common name.

Since that time, people without professional training, but with a sincere desire to dance, have taken dance to the streets. Despite the fact that in Hip-Hop you can see echoes of modern steps, swing and African dances – this style of dance is more about improvisation (freestyle) and emotions. Everyone is free to dance, how they feel and develop their own style based on basic moves.

Hip-Hop has emerged as a means of self-expression of the African American population of America. This trend for the first time touched acute social, political and racial problems. Now Hip-Hop is one of the most successful, from a commercial point of view, directions of modern culture, and, accordingly, dances.

Hip-Hop is not just a musical or dance style. This is a lifestyle and a way of expression for the young generation.