Dancehall is a Jamaican street dance that includes many social dances and, necessarily, attitude (pitch, character). Dancehall originated in the capital of Jamaica (Kingston) in the 60s of the 20th century. However, as an independent dance style, it was formed only in the early 80s. Dancehall is not only a dance, but also a whole culture that unites society and politics, music and dance. In music and dance, it is considered a reflection of culture. Dancehall is the heart of Jamaica.

The whole Dancehall is based on various steps, it is tightly tied to music, lyrics, its mood. It is important to understand the song and how to use basic steps. It is important to understand and distinguish the mood, to hear the most obvious words of the song. The point is to connect music, words, mood and steps.

Today every street dancer must certainly learn at least a couple of movements of this dynamic dance.