Break Dance

Break Dance is a street dance style originated in the South Bronx (New York) at the end of the 60s, but it is considered that it was formed as a separate dance only by 1973. This is the oldest and most famous style of Hip-Hop culture.

Break Dance is a spectacular dance that combines amazing plasticity and the complexity of acrobatic stunts. Its main components are improvisation, originality and incendiary. Of course, the development of Break Dance was promoted by the battles – the competition of the b-boys, in which it was very important to hit the opponent with as much sophistication of combinations of movements and tricks as possible. Dancers began to unite in teams, developing their own styles and original movements.

The components of Breaking are: top or up rock, footwork, floorrock, spining moves or powermoves (power elements) and, finally, freeze (fixing the position of the body).

Break Dancers rarely use this name, preferring “Breaking” or “B-Boying”. The term “Breakdancing” was created artificially and used in the media. This was necessary in order to separate the different styles included in the concept of Breaking.